The musical legacy of Raymond Hanson

The Immortal Touch parts 1 & 2, Opus 33

Oratorio for soprano and bass-baritone soloists, SATB chorus and orchestra.

Part 1 consists of 10 songs,  1. Thou has made me endless ( chorus); 2. When thou commandest me to sing (bass-baritone);. 2a. I know not how thou singest (bass-baritone); 3. My song has put of her adornments (soprano); 4.  Here is thy footstool (chorus); 5. Leave this chanting and singing (bass-baritone);  6. My desires are many (soprano);  7. I am here to sing thee songs (bass-baritone);  8.  I am only waiting for love (soprano);  9. Where the mind is without fear (chorus).

Part 2 consists of 9 songs,  1. Thus it is that thy joy in me is so full (chorus); 2. Have you not heard his silent steps? (soprano, bass-baritone and chorus); 3. The same stream of life (soprano); 4. Is it beyond thee? (bass-baritone); 5. Deliverance is not for me (soprano); 6. He it is, the innermost one (chorus);  7. It is the pang of separation (soprano);  8. Ever in my life (bass-baritone); 9. In one salutation to thee (chorus).

Text by Rabindranath Tagore – Gitanjali

Dedicated to Sir Eugene Goossens

1st performance (for broadcast studio recording of Part 1) March 1971 Molly McGurk soprano; Alan McKie baritone; The Adelaide singers; conductor Patrick Thomas.

Public Performance of part 1 – 10th June, 1975.  Rita Baldacchino soprano;  Graham Russell, bass-baritone;  The Conservatorium Symphony Orchestra and the Combined Choirs of the NSW State Conservatorium; Conducted by Richard Gill.